The best optic fibre internet connections for businesses.

With NBAS everything is taking care off!

NBAS is the engine for your company when it comes to information technology. With years of experience in constructing and maintaining company networks, phone solutions and optic fibre connections.

In a rapidly changing enviroment and market it can be hard to take decisions. Our powerful ICT platform combined with years of experience will be the deciding factor. We beat anyone when it comes to wholesale solutions, especially since we can deliver at any available network against a very competitive pricing. Tell us your mission and we will make sure it works out.

Any network

Business optic fibre, cable, 4G or radio waves? We take care of the local connection which fits your wishes best.


Our experts are continuesly working on innovations within our niche. Our service platforms are ready for whatever future will bring us.


Our helpdesk is maintained by some of the best professionals on B2B ICT solutions. You can contact us directly.

Always here to help

You can reach our advisors by phone or mail. We love to meet you at your office.

Optimize business

You want the best of the best? Our staff and local solutions will make sure your business will be optimized to the max.

Clients love Us

No having to wait or listening to boring music for minutes. Call us and you will immediatelly get one of our staff members to help you.

Our Office

Address: Haaksbergweg 41, 1101 BR Amsterdam Zuid-Oost, Netherlands

Phone: 020-5672160


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